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Our high energy parties are sixty minutes of musical fun. Let our Rhythm n Rhyme instructor lead your guests in many musical activities including follow the leader, standup songs, lap rides, egg shaker songs, rhythm stick, scarf songs, parachute train rides and more. Parents can join us in the fun.

Swing, Dance, Jump and Play..

We have 3 specific parts to the party: Singing, Dancing and fun Gymnastics. We start with a song that gets the kids together. After a bit of singing, we are up on our feet and do some action songs and rhymes. Then we break into some running, jumping, twirling or just bouncing around having a great time. Some of the props we use are balls, parachute, ribbon sticks, scarf’s, etc. While the girls enjoy the dancing the boys have a great time when we begin the gymnastic segment which typically is very basic and involves kids going over or under obstacles. Forward rolls and jumping off the cheeze is loads of fun. We end with bubbles.

Visit our gallery to get an insight into some of the activities we do.

The age groups we cater to are 1 year to 8 years.

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