Teacher Training

If you are energetic, love music and enjoy children we are looking for you. Teaching music with action songs is not only fun but also rewarding. You could be a teacher, dancer, stay at home mom, young professional who wants to move away from the 9-5 job, a young mom who wants to get back to work but not a 9-5 high commitment job, or a young college student wanting a part time job, we have something for you. You must have a sense of rhythm and confidence to sing along loud. You must be able to sing in tunes and have the ability to lead a group. Your love for music and children will make teaching an enjoyable experience. At Rhythm n Rhyme we are instructors that ensure the parents also participate and learn the actions to our songs so they can replicate the same at home. Our training and support will equip you to become a music and movement Instructor.

Participant STRENGTHS required to be a Music and Movement instructor:

  • Love anything to do with music.
  • Good fit if you have training as a musician or have a musical background, whether it is in singing, playing instruments or both.
  • English language fluency is a must since the classes are conducted in English.
  • Ability to develop a rapport with adults and children.
  • Ability to lead a class while giving children the freedom to do as they please.
  • Ability to deliver (memorize and sing to tune) existing rhymes.
  • Ability to modify/create rhymes or songs on the go.
  • Ability to think on the feet in front of an audience.
  • Background in Drama preferred.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Ability to dance and perform action songs with agility.

We regularly host teacher training workshops. Attending the workshop will help you understand yourself better and know if you enjoy teaching kids and can deliver each rhyme and song with the same about of enthusiasm as required. Details on our workshops will be updated here. Please send us an email and let us know if you are keen to attended our workshop. Email Ms Viv on viv@rhythmnrhyme.com


As you know Preschoolers aren’t self-conscious about their ability and most are eager to let their voices roar. They like songs that repeat words and melodies, use rhythms with a definite beat, and ask them to do things. Preschool children enjoy nursery rhymes and songs about familiar things like toys, animals, play activities, and people. They also like finger plays and nonsense rhymes with or without musical accompaniment. Delivering these songs is a challenge. Being energetic, fun and sometimes silly is what excites preschoolers.

Most young school-age children are intrigued by kids’ sing-a-long songs that involve counting, spelling, or remembering a sequence of events. School-age children begin expressing their likes and dislikes of different types of music.

Our TRAIN the TRAINER program addresses the needs of schools who always struggle with ensuring all their teachers can deliver rhymes and actions songs with enthusiasm. Most of us can sing but singing in a manner that will excite children to follow and have fun is the key. Our train the trainer program will equip teachers with different techniques they can use within the class room. Reach out to us for a detailed proposal on the Rhythm n Rhyme Train the Trainer program. Send us an email to viv@rhythmnrhyme.com

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